To be admitted to the Doctorate Course in Veterinary Science candidates must pass an entrance competition. The OPEN POSITIONS are listed at the bottom of the page.

The publication of the call for applications usually takes place between May and June, while the public evaluation of candidates is accomplished between July and August of each year. The doctorate activities will start October 1st, 2018.


The application MUST be done online at the following link: CALL 2018 - APPLICATION


Applicants must have the Italian Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale or an academic qualification issued by a foreign university and recognized as equivalent to the aforementioned qualifications by the academic authorities or by interuniversity agreements of cooperation and mobility. If the foreign qualification has not yet been recognized as equivalent by the academic bodies of an Italian University, the competent body of each Program will decide on its equivalence.

Non-EU Candidate:

In order to regularly study in Italy, non-EU students should have a valid stay permit. Before coming to Italy they need to apply to the competent Italian diplomatic authority and ask for a study visa. The addresses of Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad, listed by alphabetical order of the countries where they are based, are available online at:

Within 8 days from their arrival in Italy, all non-EU students who hold a study visa must apply for a stay permit. The stay permit is issued by the local police station (Questura - Ufficio Stranieri) of the applicant's place of residence in Italy. In order to help University students to obtain the stay permit, you can go to the SAOS (Assistance Service for Foreign Guests):
University of Padua, Palazzo del Bo’
(c/o Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali)
via VIII Febbraio no. 2, Padova.
Phone: +39 049 827 3077
Fax: +39 049 827 3060
e-mail: saos@unipd.it

At the following link the candidate could find specific info: http://www.unipd.it/ricerca/dottorati-ricerca (english version: http://www.unipd.it/en/research/doctoral-degrees-phd-programmes/phd-programmes-calls-and-admissions).

How to write the project:

The project can be written either in English or Italian, and it should include the Title of the specific research field (as listed below) that has been selected by candidate as her/his first choice. A brief section with Background followed by the specific Hypothese and Aims and a concise Research strategy should follow. Additionally a synthetic paragraph on Innovation and Scientific Impact of the research should be included.

At the bottom of the same document the candidate can indicate the Title of the specific research field (as listed below) that has been selected as her/his second choice.

Document format:

  • The attachement must be uploaded as an individual .pdf file
  • Font size: 12 point, not condesend
  • Font Type: Times New Roman
  • Spacing: single space
  • Page size: No larger than 210x297 mm
  • Margins: At leaste 2cm in all directions

These are the titles of the specific fields of research out of which the applicants can select their choice to write a project for the application. Out of this list they can also indicate a second title of fields of research as their second choice at the bottom of the project.  In case she/he opts for two choices the oral exam will cover both topics, the 5 publications for the oral intereview are listed within each field of research.


Environmental Impact of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals


Health of aquatic animals

Development and stress evaluation in aquatic animal

Comparative and evolutionary genomics of animals, with particular reference to marine species and taxa of veterinary interest


Cancer genomics and drug discovery

Comparative Pathology of Cancer 


Medical and Experimental Diagnostic Imaging


Applied ethology and animal cognition


Quality, Technologies and traceability of food

Food safety and health in seafood production


Virology and biotechnology